Opening Hours


8.30 - 6.00 Monday

8.30 - 6.00   Tuesday

8.30 - 6.00   Wednesday

8.30 - 6.00   Thursday

8.30 - 5.30   Friday

Closed Saturday & Sunday

We may close a little earlier during winter if no appointments.




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Welcome to Silver Pawz Salon

Silver pawz salon believes every dog is different and it has their own set of special needs which we respect and pay attention too.

Our aim is to keep your dog as comfortable as possible. Each dog gets a clean soft bed and fresh water.
The salon is kept constantly clean and all equipment is disinfected between dogs. We are always researching new products, which help the grooming process.
We evaluate skin and coat to decide which shampoo and conditioner is appropriate. Oatmeal and aloe Vera helps soothe skin and assist allergies. Medicated shampoos help with dermatitis.
We have a morning and afternoon session, so your dog doesn't need to stay all day. If you have to work all day and need to leave your dog, you are most welcome to do so. 

Dogs stay in the grooming area so they have company, we find most dogs are very calm with human company.

No dog at Silver Pawz will be rushed, we believe a calm positive approach works best.




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