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Price List updated July 2018

Here at Silver Pawz we offer different services to suit all dogs.

MINI SPA   (wash & dry)   

 Brush, wash, fluff dry & perfume

               Short coat       Medium coat      Long coat

Small           $ 22                 $ 30                 $ 38                                

Medium       $ 27                 $ 35                 $ 42                               

Large           $ 32                 $ 40                 $ 50 +

X Large       $ 37                  $ 45                 $ 60  +

Hygiene Groom with Mini Spa

Clean Eyes, feet, belly, bottom,  bath and fluff dry.

Small  $35      Medium     $45     Large  $50     XL from $55 

HYGIENE GROOM without warm water bath & Fluff dry

Small    $22    Medium    $25    Large $30    XL $35


It includes clipping or shortening your dogs coat, warm wash, fluff dry, nails, re-groom, perfume.

XS  from           $55    Chih, Jack russel, Foxie

Small from        $60    Maltese, Shih Tzu, Moodle, Toy poodle, Westie

Medium from    $70    Cavalier, Spaniels, Cavoodle, Spoodle, Mini Schn

Large from         $80   G/Retriever, St Poodle, Groodle,

X large from       $100  St Bernard, Bernese MD, Wolfhound

Scissor groom      from $ 70


Brush through and remove under coat, warm hydrobath, hand wash, conditioner, fluff dry and re-brush finished with perfume.

Medium     from   $55  Border collie, Labs

Large         from  $65   Shepherds, G/Retriever

Huskies, Malamutes, Bernese MD, Samoyeds from $80-$150

Coat Grooming - no under coat removeable , tidying, wash/dry

Small       from $50

Medium   from $60

Large       from $70

Belly & Brush only   $50   Full Clip no wash $90   Full clip & wash $110 
Appointment times for cat clipping are limited due to requiring a second person, please call to discuss your cats needs.
Your cat must be manageable, we don't sedate so please see local vet if sedation is needed.
If your cat isnt used to brushing and hasn't been groomed before in their later years also please consult a vet.
Additional services

Medicated Shampoo $5

Nails only $12  with bath  $5

Fresh breath treatment       $12

Clipped, Buffed & Painted nails  $20

Flea treatment     Cost of treatment used only

Worm treatment   Cost of treatment used only


Small  size    Dogs   eg.    Maltese, Jack russell, Pug, Dashound

Medium size Dogs   eg.  Cavalier, Cavoodle, Staffy, Cocker spaniel, Kelpie, Border Collie

Large size      Dogs   eg.   G/Ret, Lab, Shepherd, Pointer, Labadoodle, Husky

X Large size  Dogs   eg.    Burmese MD, St Bernard, Great dane, Irish Wolfhound

SHORT COAT          eg. Staffy, Pointer, Bulldog,

MEDIUM COAT        eg. Heeler, Lab, Cavalier, Cocker spaniel, Shepherd

LONG COAT            eg. Collie, Samoyed, Shepherd, St Bernard






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