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8.30 - 6.00 Monday                                                                        8.30 - 6.00   Tuesday

8.30 - 6.00   Wednesday

8.30 - 7.00   Thursday

8.30 - 5.30   Friday

Closed Saturday & Sunday

We may close a little earlier during winter if no appointments.




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How often your I groom my dog?

6-8 weeks to ensure no painful matts develop and isn't harbouring itchy insects or skin conditions.

Long haired dogs benefit from getting rid of dead hair, dirt etc out of their coats and clean skin.

Do you have a loyality program?

We do, if your visits are regular and within 1-8 calendar weeks evey visit then you will receive our regular price.

But if your happy to pop in whenever your ready you just pay the listed price each visit.

Why does the price for my dog change?

There is a couple of reasons why your grooming visit may differ in cost. The time of year is one, in summer our dogs are shreading and will take longer to brush out before their wash/dry than winter.

Winter coats are also thicker so washing and drying takes longer compared to summer.

How much your dog is brushed at home, when they have short coats it is a quicker groom, longer coats require more brushing of tangles and the wash and dry time is longer.

Should my dog be groomed in Winter?

Yes it is a common misconception, that the extra hair keeps the dog warmer.  That extra length in the hair is likely to matt, which when wet will tighten matts, the moist conditions will smell and cause skin conditions. The skin needs to be able to breath.

(Below is a coat so matted to the skin that it came off in one piece.)

If my dog is matted, will it cost extra?

No not at all, but unfortunity the coat will need to be clipped off short and is a full spa.

Can I stay?

No sorry, in our experience dogs are calmer and better behaved when their owner isn't present.  If present it is very difficult to complete the groom, as the dog will get excited, try to jump off table, and wriggle. It is dangerous to be aiming at a moving dog with sharp equipment like our scissors & blades.

Do you use sedation?

No never, if your dog is truly uncoperative or very uncomfortable by the process we might end the session and suggest you go to a vet clinic.

Are you cage free?

No we aren't, it is safer for the dogs to have their own safe space free from other dogs that may be a little too much for some. We have 3 different spaces to keep your dog as comfortable as possible.



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